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At least not in Texas, where this epitome of bigotry and stupidity happened – ‘They thought it was a bomb’: 9th-grader arrested after bringing a home-built clock to school.

Rick was right (as usual), in this episode of Rick and Morty:

Make no mistake, I think the kid should immediately be released and probably compensated by the PD / School District for this bullshit, but unfortunately I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they tried to sweep it under the rug. Just hope he doesn’t turn away from science altogether.

This tweet reflects the best attitude one can probably take in regards to this incident:

Back to programming…

[GitHub Issue#274: felixge/node-mysql] (opened on Aug 14, 2012 – 78 comments): true server-side Prepared Statements

Edit: for the record, I consider that one of the main mysql libraries not supporting server-side prepared statements is not just a “bug” – but a sign of a broken ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about why this is such a big deal, you can continue reading on this Percona blog post: