I need to drastically improve the performance issues with my Elixir JSON library so that it can work for more use cases and maybe gain some more popularity.

You can see how bad it is here: Benchmark Results

One thing I will not do is sacrifice code quality for speed.

PRO TIP: when running benchmarks and you are using the elixir standard Logger lib, you should put the following in your config file:

config :logger, compile_time_purge_level: :debug

This makes the compiler remove all Logger calls at compile time, saving you a lot of headaches.

You can follow progress here:

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[GitHub Issue#274: felixge/node-mysql] (opened on Aug 14, 2012 – 78 comments): true server-side Prepared Statements

Edit: for the record, I consider that one of the main mysql libraries not supporting server-side prepared statements is not just a “bug” – but a sign of a broken ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about why this is such a big deal, you can continue reading on this Percona blog post: